Clothing stickers - no ironing or sewing needed

Clothing stickers - no ironing or sewing needed

  • Clothing stickers
  • No sewing or ironing
  • Easy to remove again
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Clothing stickers - mark up clothing, lunchboxes etc.

Use Clothing stickers, not only on clothing and textiles (put on care label), but also as an address sticker on your other belongings.

Clothing stickers can be used for virtually anything and withstand both washing machine and dishwasher. Clothing stickers resemble stickers, and do not need to be sewed or ironed on - very easy to use.
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Facts about clothing stickers - no ironing or sewing needed

  • 13 x 30 mm. with round corners
  • 2 lines of text
  • Tested by an independent laboratory using BS EN ISO6330 wash test procedure for 30 washes at 40º
  • To prevent the clothing labels to get too stiff, they are not laminated. Therefore, the printing could wear off in time if you choose to put them in the bottom of the shoe or boot. For that purpose, we recommend you to use our stickers that are laminated. See them here: http://www.labelyourself.com/address_stickers

Clothing stickers must be put on the care label of your clothes in order for them to withstand washing.

Clothing stickers have been tested by an independent laboratory using BS EN ISO6330 wash test procedure for 30 washes at 40º

If you wash your clothes at high temperature, the durability of Clothing stickers will be reduced significantly. We therefore recommend our Iron-on name labels if you need a long life label.

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