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Custom Stickers

To put a name sticker on the family belongings, is a smart thing to do. A sticker makes it easier to find the owner of, for example, lunch box in the kindergarten, the mobile charger, loaned books and everything else you do not want to loose. If you put a name and phonenumber on your things, chances are your lost things will return home safely.

At Labelyourself , we have a wide range of options for name stickers for different purposes. Read more about our selection below. 


  •      Put on your clothes and things
  •      Tolerate washing machine 60°
  •      Approved for close contact with skin
Price: From $ 15.70
  •      From only 1 pcs.
  •      Size/shape as required
  •      Cheap
Price: From $ 3.00
  •      Printed with latex print
  •      Without PVC
  •      Printed with your design
Price: From $ 6.00
  •      16 x 6mm.
  •      Choose your own text and colour
  •      Very durable
Price: From $ 9.90
  •      You decide text and colours
  •      Choose your size
  •      Very durable
Price: From $ 6,30
  •      35 x 6 mm
  •      Optional text and colour
  •      Great durability
Price: From $ 11.00
  •      From only 30 pcs.
  •      Quick delivery
  •      Smart and convenient
Price: From $ 9.60
  •      Mark up your belongings
  •      Dishwasher safe
  •      You decide text and colours
Price: From $ 6.00
  •      Use on your belongings
  •      Various texts and colours
  •      Super durability
Price: From $ 1.20
  •      Available from 1 pcs.
  •      Any shape/size
  •      Low cost die cut stickers
Price: From $ 3.00
  •      From only 10 pcs
  •      Size and shape as you wish
  •      Fast delivery
Price: From only $ 6.00
  •      Clear stickers with your print
  •      You can choose the size and shape
  •      From just 1 pcs
Price: From $ 12.90
  •      You can choose the size and shape
  •      From just 1 pcs
  •      High quality
Price: From $ 8.00
  •      You can choose the size and shape
  •      From just 1 pcs
  •      Durable quality
Price: From $ 8.00
  •      Bottle labels in your own design
  •      Labels for wine, beer or juice
  •      From only 5 pcs.
Price: From $ 6.00
  •      Easy and simple
  •      Any size and shape
  •      Design your own
Price: From $ 3,00
  •      From only 50 pcs.
  •      Fast delivery
  •      Great quality and cheap
Price: From $ 12,35
  •      Personalised wrapping
  •      Design your own
  •      Professional look
Price: From $ 10.99
  •      Individual wrapping
  •      Unique to-and-from tags
  •      Design your own
Price: From $ 13.90
  •      Perfect fit for the chocolates
  •      Custom-made decoration
  •      Impress your guests
Price: From $ 14.95
  •      Super quality
  •      Keep track of equipment
  •      Personalised text
Price: From $ 8.50
  •      Cheap
  •      Optional colours and font
  •      Quick delivery
Price: From $ 8,00
  •      Durable quality
  •      Add you own photo
  •      Quick delivery
Price: From $ 21.90
  •      High quality
  •      Customised design
  •      Domed stickers with your logo
Price: From $ 280,00
  •      Make it easy to share links.
  •      Design your own QR stickers.
  •      Contact us for consecutive numbers.
Price: From $ 6.00
  •      Fast delivery
  •      From few stickers
  •      Cheap

Custom stickers

All our stickers are made of vinyl, and are very durable. The name stickers are dishwasher safe and you can use them outdoors, on bicycles, scooters and helmets - which often are exposed to water and get worn, torn and dirty. If you need to put a name in your clothes, then take a look at our Name Labels or Iron-on name labels.

Whether you are a parent who wants to make everyday life easier, or work in an institution, you will find the stickers to make your life easier. Labelyourselfs name stickers have been tested and approved according to toy safety standards EN 71-3. This means that the labels do not release harmful substances if children suck on them, or put them in their mouths. 

Design your own name stickers 

The best choice is to put as little text on the name labels as possible, because if the letters are too small, the clothing sticker can be a little difficult to read. If you are looking for name labels for children, we recommend that you write the child's first name and the first letter of the last name in the first line. On line 2 you can add a phone number.  

When ordering your name stickers from Labelyourself, you have many options for designing the stickers exactly as you want. You can choose to design them neutral in black and white, or choose between all the beautiful colors and backgrounds we have available online. There is something for everyone; children and adults. You can also shape the name labels by choice, or upload an image. 

Big and small custom stickers

Choose between our templates when choosing between small stickers, or big stickers.

Mini stickers are perfect to put on smaller things, you want to take care of. Mini stickers fit perfectly to pens, pencils, scissors and rulers and pacifiers. 

The small elongated vinyl stickers in 35x6mm fit perfectly to your cell phone, pens or other things where you would like the marking and the name to be a little discreet. There is typically room for a surname and a small image on this type of sticker. 

Address stickers in 37x16 mm are some of our most popular name stickers. The sticker has a really good size, so there is room for both address and phone number. The Name stickers are the perfect size, to place on everything from calculators, mobile phones, toys, bags and lunch boxes - or on envelopes. 

Our large address labels in 60x26mm are for you, if you are looking for a sticker with room for more information / larger text than the traditional address stickers. 

The name stickers in 90x20mm are perfect for folders, books, lunch boxes etc. This sticker is nice to put in places where you want a sticker, without it taking too much space. 

Custom stickers in your own size

If you are looking for stickers in other sizes than mentioned above, you can always design your own stickers in the exact size you want. 

Stickers are amazing. Whether you are looking for stickers with names to put on family items, or advertising stickers, you can make your stickers exactly as you want them. If you need a single sticker, or even 10.000 pcs. You decide the image, size, shape, color and the text. You can also choose whether the stickers should be square, or round. Or you can order them as kiss cut stickers, where the stickers are cut around the image/logo. Make you stickers shaped as a heart, or any other shape, formed by your wishes and demands. Are you looking for something different, a gold, silver og transparent sticker might be something for you? We also offer stickers in a paper look a like quality.

You can design your stickers directly on our website, and use our nice templates or upload your stickers as a "finished design", through our online designer.

Design your own stickers - your own stickers make most things more fun!

Sure, you can get a roll of tape and attach a name or contents label to any item you want to label. But with a sticker that you have designed yourself, it all becomes much more fun. For example, if you are delivering a bag of freshly baked buns to your neighbour, an elegant sticker on the bag makes it look much better.

Designing your own custom stickers is easy - get your own picture on the sticker.

If you want to be creative when designing your stickers, the sky is practically the limit.

1) Decide what size you want your stickers to be - with us, stickers can be all the way up to 21 x 21 centimetres!

2) Decide whether your sticker should be round, oval, square or rectangular - or some other shape entirely.

3) Select a background colour or background image. If you want a figure, flag or symbol on your sticker, that is also easy to pick. You can also upload your own image, symbol or logo.

4) Decide what font you want to write with.

5) Put it in the shopping basket and pay! From the time you order, it typically takes just a few days before you get your own stickers delivered.

Custom stickers for your company or association

A nice sticker can really boost your visual identity on the packages you send to your customers. You can use them with flower deliveries or food to-go packages. For sports clubs, a sticker can easily turn generic water bottles into club bottles when you are playing matches. A leisure centre can label its things with stickers so that it is easy to see where the various games, tools, pieces of equipment or books belong. Label your golf clubs, your tennis racket or your windsurfing equipment. Remember: We can make stickers in almost any format and size - including kiss-cut or transparent stickers or stickers with reflectors that are perfect for a child's helmet, bicycle or scooter.

Environmentally friendly and durable stickers

Our stickers are extremely durable. They can be put in the dishwasher and withstand oils, fats, gas, frost and normal wear and tear. They are made from polypropylene and are therefore very hardy. And since they will last so long, they will not need to be replaced so often - meaning there is a lighter environmental footprint. All stickers are produced without solvents and toxic materials. That means that our stickers are completely safe when used with food or drinks.

Unique stickers for the car, mobile phone or Christmas presents

Design the Christmas season's most stylish "to/from" stickers! Create a beautiful sticker that you can put on the rear window of your old Volvo with the year and engine type. Label puzzles and toys in the kindergarten with different kinds of stickers for various ages. That makes it easier to keep everything neat and tidy. Put a sticker with your own picture and the department you work in on your mobile phone. That makes it easier for people to return it to you if you forget it in the bathroom or in a meeting room.

Custom stickers for your mailbox, bicycle or musical instrument

Ordinary name tags for the mailbox are pretty boring. Add some style to your mailbox with a personal sticker that reflects who lives in the house. Add your name and telephone number on a bicycle sticker. If someone should happen to "borrow" your bicycle late at night and leave it leaning up against a bush somewhere, it makes it easier for others to find its rightful owner. Put a hidden sticker on the inside of your guitar or violin. That makes it easy to identify you as the proper owner if the instrument gets stolen and then found again.

Eye-catching custom stickers

When you need to display your logo or create awareness about a case, stickers are an easy and inexpensive solution. With stickers, it is easy to draw attention to a campaign or to share a discount code. Put the stickers on brochures, packaging or boxes. When you order your stickers, you choose the quantity. It is easy to order different designs, and if you need several stickers, it is easy to reorder them at a later time. 

If you are looking for logo stickers, you simply upload your logo, and order the quantity you need. You can also order stickers with logo in different sizes, so that you always have a sticker that fits, no matter the purpose. 

Use stickers to put on company gifts, so the receiver know exactly who the gesture is from. 

You can also use stickers to remind your customer of a particular behavior, such as to keep a distance, washing their hands, or showing them the right way to the showroom. 

FAQ for stickers

How much does it cost to make my own stickers?

It shouldn't be expensive to make your own stickers. We think that stickers should be cheap and we also offer larger and larger discounts the more you order. Here is a typical example of pricing: Five large stickers with 60x20 mm dimensions cost $ 3.50. But if you order 50 pieces, they cost $10.20 and 250 pieces only cost $28.73. You will get free shipping on orders above $10, so buy more and get a better deal!

It is easy to see the prices for your stickers once you have selected a size and shape. The unit price drops rapidly, so you save money if you order more stickers in one single order. You can see how the price changes by changing the number of items ordered.

How long will it take before I receive my stickers?

From ordering, it takes between 2-4 business days.

It is illegal to put up stickers outdoors?

A lot of times you will see that people have put up stickers to support their football team or the like. That is not permitted. You need to ask for permission before putting up a sticker on someone?s house, a lamppost or something else that you do not own.

Can I wash stickers in the dish washer?

Almost all Label Yourself stickers can be washed in the dish washer (except for the bottle labels). If you buy name labels, they can be washed in the washing machine as well.

How do I remove a sticker?

For most people, the easiest way to remove stickers from most surfaces is to pull on them and see if they loosen up. Since our stickers have a solid vinyl surface, they do not break easily. Pull carefully to loosen the sticker. You can use a squeegee if the sticker is attached to a surface that you don't want to get scratches on. It may take some trial and error when attempting to remove stickers. This is because how well the sticker is attached depends on the type of sticker, the material it is attached to and how long it has been there.

Many find that it works well removing the sticker using a hairdryer. Start with the hairdryer on a low heat setting and dial it up if the glue does not start loosing up. 

You can also try to carefully use cooking oil, lamp oil or cleaning alcohol. Please always be careful not to damage the surface the sticker is attached to when trying to remove one.

How do you remove stickers from glass surfaces?

If you would like to remove stickers from a glass surface, you can use this little guide. An obvious time to remove stickers from bottles, jam jars, etc. that you have bought is when you want to reuse the glass.

If you can loosen up the sticker on the glass, it is best to try to pull it off. If you are unable to pull it off or if there are remnants of the sticker left, you can try the following:

Use a glass scraper. A glass scraper is a brilliant tool for removing dirt such as glue residue on glass, ceramic stoves, etc. You can use the sharp blade to carefully remove the glue from the sticker without scratching the glass at all. Please be careful not to cut yourself while doing so, however. You can buy a glass scraper where they sell cleaning products or from DIY stores.

If there are stubborn glue residues left, you can try removing them with cooking oil, such as rapeseed oil. If this does not work, you can try using lamp oil.

The methods above are used at your own risk - always start by proceeding cautiously on a non-visible section of the glass.

How do you remove stickers from cars?

When removing stickers from cars, you always need to take into account the material that you want to remove the sticker from. Different approaches are needed for removing stickers from glass surfaces, interior surfaces or a lacquered surface.

Removing stickers from car windows:
If you can get access to the underside of the sticker and loosen it, it is best to just pull it off. If you are unable to pull off the sticker, however, you can proceed cautiously with the methods below. A glass scraper is an amazing tool for removing stickers and other things you want to scrape off glass surfaces. The sharp blade carefully removes the glue from the sticker without scratching the glass.

If there are stubborn glue residues left, you can try removing them with cooking oil, such as rapeseed oil. If this does not work, you can try using lamp oil. Be careful not to spill any of the oil, as it may leave stains.

Removing stickers from metal surfaces:
Never use a glass scraper on metal! Instead, try using a hairdryer. Start with the cold air setting and gradually turn up the heat. Please be sure that the metal is not damaged from the heat.

Hold the blow dryer close to the sticker and point the hairdryer towards the sticker until the glue heats up - then you should be able to remove the sticker just using your fingers.

On lacquered surfaces, you should consider getting assistance from a professional so that you can remove the sticker without leaving scratches.

Please note that the methods above are always at your own risk. Start by trying out the method on a less visible spot.

How are stickers made?

When ordering stickers from Label Yourself, you will be designing your own stickers. Once we receive your order, we will automatically start our production processes. Therefore, if you discover that a mistake has been made, you should contact us as soon as possible.

Once our production team has received your design file, we print the stickers using a high-quality printer. Depending on the type of sticker that you have ordered, they will be printed on various kinds of foils such as, for example, common white foil, transparent foil, gold or silver foil or our matt foil. The vinyl stickers are laminated with vinyl in the final step.

Where can I buy stickers?

You can buy stickers from Label Yourself with your own design. When ordering from us, you can decide upon the form, shape, size and numbers - so if you just need a single sticker, feel free to order that. You can design stickers ranging from 5x5mm/Ø5mm up to 210x210mm/Ø210mm online. If you need larger stickers, you can contact our sales team who will assist you.
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