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Stickers with name

Stickers printed in your own design.

We have a wide selection of printed stickers, on which you can have your own text or logo. See stickers with logo, round stickers, kiss cut stickers, gold stickers, silver stickers or clear stickers or other custom stickers.

All our printed stickers are incredibly durable and have strong glue. They can withstand wind and weather, as well as many "trips" in the dishwasher, so whatever your needs, we have the solution.

If you cannot find the product you are looking for, please contact us. We will help you find a solution.

  •      Put on your clothes and things
  •      Tolerate washing machine 60°
  •      Approved for close contact with skin
Price: From $ 15.70
  •      Use on your belongings
  •      Various texts and colours
  •      Super durability
Price: From $ 1.20
  •      From only 1 pcs.
  •      Size/shape as required
  •      Cheap
Price: From $ 3.00
  •      From only 10 pcs
  •      Size and shape as you wish
  •      Fast delivery
Price: From only $ 6.00
  •      You decide text and colours
  •      Choose your size
  •      Very durable
Price: From $ 6,30
  •      Super quality
  •      Keep track of equipment
  •      Personalised text
Price: From $ 8.50
  •      Mark up your belongings
  •      Dishwasher safe
  •      You decide text and colours
Price: From $ 6.00
  •      From only 30 pcs.
  •      Quick delivery
  •      Smart and convenient
Price: From $ 9.60
  •      Cheap
  •      Optional colours and font
  •      Quick delivery
Price: From $ 8,00
  •      35 x 6 mm
  •      Optional text and colour
  •      Great durability
Price: From $ 11.00
  •      Personalised wrapping
  •      Design your own
  •      Professional look
Price: From $ 10.99
  •      Available from 1 pcs.
  •      Any shape/size
  •      Low cost die cut stickers
Price: From $ 3.00
  •      Durable quality
  •      Add you own photo
  •      Quick delivery
Price: From $ 21.90
  •      From only 50 pcs.
  •      Fast delivery
  •      Great quality and cheap
Price: From $ 12,35
  •      Individual wrapping
  •      Unique to-and-from tags
  •      Design your own
Price: From $ 13.90
  •      Bottle labels in your own design
  •      Labels for wine, beer or juice
  •      From only 5 pcs.
Price: From $ 6.00
  •      16 x 6mm.
  •      Choose your own text and colour
  •      Very durable
Price: From $ 9.90
  •      You can choose the size and shape
  •      From just 1 pcs
  •      High quality
Price: From $ 8.00
  •      You can choose the size and shape
  •      From just 1 pcs
  •      Durable quality
Price: From $ 8.00
  •      Clear stickers with your print
  •      You can choose the size and shape
  •      From just 1 pcs
Price: From $ 12.90
  •      From only 1 pcs.
  •      Size/form according to your needs
  •      Low cost solution
Price: From $ 3.00
  •      Advanced sticker designer
Price: From $ 6.00
  •      Advanced designer for reflective..
Price: From $ 6.60
  •      Fast delivery
  •      From few stickers
  •      Cheap
  •      Suitable for text and logo
  •      Design yourself
  •      Translate all colors
Price: From $ 8.00
  •      Printed with latex print
  •      Without PVC
  •      Printed with your design
Price: From $ 6.00
  •      Make it easy to share links.
  •      Design your own QR stickers.
  •      Contact us for consecutive numbers.
Price: From $ 6.00
  •      Easy and simple
  •      Any size and shape
  •      Design your own
Price: From $ 3,00
  •      Perfect fit for the chocolates
  •      Custom-made decoration
  •      Impress your guests
Price: From $ 14.95
  •      High quality
  •      Customised design
  •      Domed stickers with your logo
Price: From $ 280,00

For parents on marking up children's belongings:

We offer a wide range of name stickers. Put a name sticker on any item you don’t want to lose…
Get name stickers and keep track of your child’s toys and possessions, however busy your lifestyle.

As the father of two sons, Ulrik from Ikast Etiket has occasionally experienced the age-old mystery of toys and lunchboxes disappearing at the school or nursery. This is a pity for the children. And it’s not much fun for the parents or school employees either.

When picking up your loveable, but exhausted little angels, there’s a fine line between smiles and tears...

This inspired Ulrik to create the various types of name stickers, which are displayed on our website. We hope that these plainly visible, high-quality name stickers will help make parents’ and teachers’ lives just a bit less hectic. The name stickers are useful, not only when dropping off and picking up the children, but also on excursions, trips to the playground etc.

We know from experience that many schools and nurseries ask parents to write their children’s names on their clothes and possessions. However, some parents forget. At other times the names fade away in the washing machine or simply wear off from frequent use. All Ikast Etiket name stickers are amazingly durable and wear-resistant. Just like the toys themselves, they need to be built to last.

Stickers with name or logo for businesses:

Branding yourselves and standing out from the crowd have never been more important to the consumer than right now. In both small and large quantities, we offer custom- made stickers, on which we can print both text and logo. We have many options, so we can match your needs. We can print on vinyl or paper, so they can be used both indoors and out. We can even print with transparent background with just the right colour combination you want.

Stickers with name for all purposes!

Stickers with name can be used for many different things. Name stickers can be used to label toys, tools and clothes and all sorts of other things.  

Stickers for the whole family

Stickers with names are a big hit in a lot of families with children. By putting a sticker on lunch boxes, water bottles, bicycle lights, scooters and pencil cases, you make it a lot easier for your children to recognize their belongings. It makes every day life easier for both children and adults, in chool and other activities. 

Within the home, the stickers have many different functions. You can use them to organize your home as well. Put name stickers in storage boxes in the wardrobe. Then it is easy to keep track of mittens, hats and rainwear, so everything is easy to find. 

It is not only the kids, that benefit from the name stickers. The durable vinyl stickers are used to mark golf clubs and bicycles and other equipments, which often is exensive and is brought outside of the home. Of course, you can design personal stickers for your mailbox, with your family name. 

A lot of our customers design their own stickers for their creative projects. It can be to put on glasses with homemade jam, or as a part of personal wrapping on gifts. You can also make personalized stickers for the wedding party, and use the stickers on everything from invitations, place cards, songs, goodie bags and thank you cards. 

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