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Wrapping and tags

There is no doubt that the right wrapping can make a gift or a product much more exquisite. Gift ribbon, logo ribbon and hang tags all add a unique and finishing touch.

Put hang tags on your products before you sell them to brand yourself.

Gift wrapping and logo ribbon have endless uses. Gift ribbon is typically used by private individuals who want to add a personal touch to their gift wrapping or as part of party decorations. Logo ribbon is mainly purchased by businesses that use the ribbon on company gifts or as part of the packaging.

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Get inspiration for: Wrapping and tags

Logo ribbon and hang tags add a nice finish to your products or gifts. Below, you can find inspiration for how to use the different products. 


Hang tags

Hang tags add a finishing and professional touch to your collections. Hang tags are typically used on clothes and other textiles before they are sold - the tag usually found hanging from the label inside the clothes. The hang tag can be used for price tags or to describe any special features of the product or your brand. We produce your hang tags according to your design, and you have numerous options to give your hang tag a special look - and if you just want regular ones, you can also get that. We can produce your hang tags in any shape, and you can also choose transparent tags. See also our sustainable hang tags.

Logo ribbon

If you want your company gifts to look exquisite, then logo ribbon is an easy way to brand your company. At the same time, the recipient gets the feeling that an extra touch has been added. The logo ribbon can also be used for decorations or bouquets of flowers. Logo ribbon is also frequently used to tie goodie bags which will then have to be untied. 


Personalised ribbon is a sure hit and not just for gift wrapping. The ribbon is super pretty and has many different uses. You can get inspiration for your personal ribbon below. 


Ideas for using ribbon

Personal wrapping Sometimes you see a gift table full of presents all wrapped in the same paper and with the same wrinkled ribbon because all the guests have been to the same store. Would you like to give a present that stands out and will be remembered as something special? Here you can find some ideas for how to make the present look unique. Buy gift wrapping paper that suits the recipient and tells something about you as the giver. Consider whether it should be plain, patterned, humorous or graphic. You can also use several types of gift wrapping paper on the same gift. It is relatively easy to find reasonably priced gift boxes in different sizes. Tie a personalised ribbon around the box and you will have an exclusive gift which also makes a good alternative to a flat envelope with money inside. 

Add a year to your Christmas decorations Gift ribbon with the text "Christmas 2018" is the obvious choice for the Advent wreath and the homemade Christmas decorations, making it easy to remember when it was made. Would you like to remember which child made which decoration? Write the name of the child + the year - it is nice to be able to look back at when it is on the Christmas tree many years later. A ribbon with your own text can also add a beautiful touch to cheap glass baubles that often come with a thin nylon string.  

Yellow ribbons for Easter eggs When your family blows eggs for Easter, it is a good idea to attach a ribbon to the egg once it has been decorated. 

Table decoration for parties Use your personalised ribbon around vases, candle sticks and flowers. This adds an elegant expression, at the guests can see that attention has been given to every detail.

Ribbon on bags of sweets, sachets of rice etc. Tie a ribbon on bags of sweets, goodie bags, sachets of rice/bird seeds with your own text. 

Invitations The gift ribbon can also be used in various ways in your festive invitations. Let the guests open the invitation by untying the ribbon or glue it on as beautiful decoration.

Straps Use the gift ribbon as straps on handmade potholders to make them easy to hang. At the same time, it is always easy to see who made them.





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