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Professional festival wristbands and entrance bands

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Order your own festival wristbands for your event or party (from +50 pcs.)

Are you looking for woven or printed festival wristbands in top quality, then you have come to the right place! Labelyouself has more than 25 years of experience of festivalbands, entrance bands and control solutions.

Festival wristbands with or without printing is the perfect solution for you, if you are looking for wristbands for festivals or other types of big events, where you need to control the access. Our festival wristbands can be locked with a metal ring or an easylock.

Do you want to be eco-friendly and sustainable, then we have a wide variety of sustainable wristbands to choose between.

We also offer sustainable festival wristbands with RFID chips, that allows you to use electronic entrance control at your festivals and event.

1. Festival wristbands without text choose "Without text" in the dropdown to order.
2. Festival wristbands with text printed order below. Write your own text and choose background colour/image.
3. Festival wristbands with logo design festival wristbands with logo here. You can also email us at and let us help you with your order.

PLEASE NOTE: Festival wristbands are sold at a minimum quantity of 50 pcs. If you are hosting a smaller event, you should choose our woven wristbands or paper wristbands, which can be ordered from only 10 pcs. These you will find in tab two and three here below.
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Crimping tool
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Receive a non-binding offer within 1-2 hours during business hours.

Here you will find all wristbands.

Have your design printed or woven in to achieve maximum security for your event.

We sell professional Standard model and Table model crimping tool at respectively $24,95 and $49.95

Price in customers design with metalring pr. item:
100 pcs.$ 0.85
250 pcs.$ 0.38
500 pcs.$ 0.21
1000 pcs.$ 0.17
2500 pcs.$ 0.15

For an express fee, we can make them in approx. 1 week.

Start up expenses $50 per design (one-off payment)

The above prices are for designs up to 6 colours. We can weave in up to 9 colours for an additional cost.

Companies, associations and others, please note that all prices are excl. VAT.

If you need your wristbands quickly and you need special images like QR tags, or if you want the colours to fade into one another, we are now able to print the festival wristbands in a really nice quality. Please take a look at the above image.

More information about our festival wristbands

We are specialists in making festival wristbands that can be woven or printed to your exact specifications. It is a simple process to design your unique festival wristbands on this page. Another option is to choose one of the standard designs that can be used as a template for your festival wristbands.

You are of course also welcome to contact our sales team if you need unique festival wristbands in both small and large amounts.

We make many different kinds of festival wristbands, and we are able to accommodate the vast majority of requests.

Most of our customers select festival wristbands with dimensions of 15x360 mm or 20x360 mm. Both sizes can fit both adults and children, as the size of the wristbands can be adjusted.

If you have doubts about which festival wristband best suits your event, feel free to contact us via the chat function or by e-mail or else give us a call. We are standing by to advise you on your fstival wristbands and your options in terms of festival wristband locks, how to design your festival wristband and answer any other questions you might have.

FAQ for festival wristband

What is a festival wristband?

A festival wristband is a wristband that you or your guests wear around your wrist to show that you have access to a certain event.

When the festival wristband is put around the wrist, it is tightened so that it cannot be pulled over the hand and also closed with a seal so that it cannot be taken off again without being broken. Once the wristband is broken, it will no longer be valid.

With a festival wristband, it becomes easy for event organisers and security staff to see who has paid for their tickets and should be allowed to access the event. A lot of events, museums, hotels with all inclusive deals, amusement parks and summer camps, etc. for kids and young people use festival wristbands.

What kinds of festival wristbands are there?

There are MANY different types of festival wristbands. Most festival wristbands are made based on a customer's specifications. At Label Yourself, you can always get festival wristbands custom designed for your event.

Our top-selling festival wristbands are our woven festival wristbands. These are great for adding to the festival vibe and remain a very popular festival wristband for both small and large festivals.

The printed festival wristbands are similar to the woven ones and are also made from textiles. An advantage of the printed festival wristbands is that they are very quick to produce. So, if you are in a hurry, go for the printed festival wristbands. You can also get a lot of details added to a printed wristband.

Paper wristbands are a cheaper alternative compared to the abovementioned textile festival wristbands. Particularly if you just need a few festival wristbands - then you can save quite a bit by buying the tyvek wristbands. The wristbands are made from a material called "tyvek", which is similar to paper, but extremely durable and with the ability to resist water damage (and they can also endure a lot of chemicals).

Festival wristbands with RFID chips or barcodes: With an RFID chip, you merge the classic festival wristband with modern technology. The RFID wristband allows for electronic access control, electronic payment, the ability to open doors and much more.

If you would like festival wristbands that are made from sustainable materials, you have several options Look for our wristbands made from bamboo, organic cotton, cork or linen and select a bamboo lock which we have made with a minimum use of plastic.

How do you use festival wristbands?

Festival wristbands are often used in connection with festivals. However, the wristbands are also used in connection with a wide range of other events and experiences.

The purpose of a festival wristband is to provide the guests or customers with clear proof that they have valid access to a certain area. The festival wristband is sealed around the wrist with a lock that cannot be opened again without breaking the wristband. This means that you can ensure that the wristband is not passed on to others and if a controller "cuts" the wristband off a guest who has violated the event's rules, that person will no longer have access.

It is important to ensure that the wristband is tight enough around the wrist so that it cannot be pulled off over the hand and thus passed on to others; this ensures maximum security.

What locking mechanism should I choose for my festival wristband?

When ordering your festival wristbands from Label Yourself, you have several different options in terms of customising the wristband with a locking mechanism that fits the needs of your event. Below, you can find an overview of the most commonly used locking mechanisms for festival wristbands.

Metal ring:
The metal ring is the old-fashioned and tried and true solution that never fails. It is a very secure form of access control - and pure nostalgia when it comes to festival wristbands. The metal locking mechanism is typically made in a silver colour, but it can be made in any other conceivable colour as well.

The metal ring needs a plier to close it. Use a real plier to ensure that the wristband cannot be reopened. In some places, they have machines that can automatically seal the metal ring when one puts your hand into it.

A round plastic seal with interior barbs to fasten it. The seal can be pushed up and tightened, but it cannot be loosened again. The Easylock comes in several different versions.

A clicking lock Some events choose an alternative locking mechanism in the form of a clicking lock. These have the advantage of being impossible to tighten further once they have been locked, and therefore they are great for kids in particular. These locks have never really taken off at festivals, but on the other hand, they are very popular as "all inclusive wristbands" at hotels or for wristbands giving access to tourist attractions.

Locks that can be opened and closed repeatedly:
These are for when a wristband is used for marketing purposes and needs to be taken on and off. We can provide these locks with a bead lock in plastic, metal and wood or with a snap lock.


Download .eps templates:
Template woven festival wristband 15 mm x 360 mm
Template woven festival wristband 20 mm x 360 mm

Download pdf templates - including guidelines:
Template woven festival wristband 15 mm x 360 mm
Template woven festival wristband 20 mm x 360 mm


  • Order from 50 pcs. woven or printed festival wristbands
  • Exclusive and comfortable woven quality
  • Available interwoven with UV yarns, which can easily be seen in the dark
  • Available with consecutive numbers
  • Standard measurements: 15 x 360 mm., But can also be 10 and 20 mm wide
  • Up to 9 different colours in the same wristbands. See for example colours
  • Also available with smartlock system

Learn how to design festival wristbands here on this page

When designing your festival wristbands here on this page, you have various options in terms of customising your wristband. You can choose between designs, prices and level of security.

Wristbands without text
You can select a wristband with or without text. If you chose "without text", the wristband will be cheaper, but it will also be harder to recognise. You also miss out on the branding value that comes from having a company name or the event's brand displayed on the wristband.

Wristbands with text
When selecting "wristband with text", you will have various options in terms of designing the wristband. You can choose from a wide variety of different designs, including Union Jack colours and Union Jack flags. You can also use other European flags. You can find designs ranging from skulls to floral motifs, pride flags, heart-shaped templates and much more.

You can select your own text to match your event. Do consider, however, that it is important that all of the text is easily readable. A thin wristband will often only have a small part of a long text visible on the wristband at any time. You can also repeat a text, for example, initials or a year or something like "VIP 20" that is written repeatedly across the wristband. Make sure to choose a font that is clearly visible on the background that you have chosen.

You should also consider whether you want a clear contrast between the background image and the text. It can look really nice if you choose colours that are similar on your wristband (for example, shades of grey and black), but if the wristband controllers will be working in a room without good lighting, it might not be the optimal choice.

When choosing between a metal ring or an easy lock to seal the wristband, it is about more than just the aesthetics. An easy lock should be near the wrist so that the wristband is fitted tightly, and then the excess part of the wristband should be cut off in order to minimise the risk of cheating. A metal ring needs to be closed with a crimping tool to ensure that the wristband is sealed correctly. The advantage of using a metal ring is that once it is closed, the wristband cannot be tightened anymore. This means that you will not have to deal with guests who need a new wristband because they keep fiddling with the easy lock and have tightened it too much.

The easy lock is really fast to install on the wrist and this makes it quicker to issue a lot of guests with wristbands in a short amount of time. And it is also easy for them to remove the wristband.

Once you have designed your wristbands, you need to decide how many you will need. If you will be using different designs, then put each design in the basket and complete your order once you have all of your wristbands.

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