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Fabric Labels

Regardless of whether you want fabric labels with name, text or logo, we are ready to help you. We customise  Fabric labels in woven, silicone, leather or metallic – but if you only need a few labels, you can also find a solution that suits your needs. 

If you are the owner of a sustainable brand, our organic cotton labels are the perfect solution for you. 

Would you like to add a nice finish to your home-made clothes? Put a fabric label in the clothes. 

  •      Make your clothing unique
  •      10, 14 or 25 mm. wide
  •      STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®
Price: From $ 14.90
(5/5 - based on 13 reviews)
  •      With your logo
  •      Cheap
  •      Fast delivery
Price: From $ 56.40
  •      Personalize your needlework
  •      Unique labels for knitting
  •      Made by labels and country flags
Price: From $ 0.95
  •      Easy to sew on
  •      Lovely finish
  •      Faux suede
Price: From $ 89.00
  •      From only 100 pcs.
  •      Quality product
  •      Oeko Tex 100 standard
Price: From $ 135.00
(5/5 - based on 5 reviews)
  •      Nice quality
  •      Damask woven
  •      Midfolded
Price: From $ 99.00
  •      Your design
  •      From only 100 pieces
  •      Endfolded
Price: From $ 110.00
  •      GOTS-certified
  •      Made with your own design
  •      Organic cotton
Price: From $ 173,31
  •      Own logo/design
  •      Up to 8 colours
  •      High level of detail
Price: From $ 111.76
  •      10 mm x 15mm
  •      Many colour combinations
  •      Nice detail
Price: From $ 21.40
  •      Nylon or soft satin
  •      Quick delivery
  •      Cheap
Price: From $ 15.50
  •      Own logo and design
  •      Can be printed and engraved.
  •      High standards and quality
Price: From $ 295.00
  •      Printed, debossed or raised logo
  •      Possible to make as stickers
  •      High standard of details
Price: From $ 410.00
  •      Own design/logo
  •      Printed, debossed or raised logo
  •      Silicone or rubber
Price: From $ 420.00
  •      Professional results
  •      Put a logo on your workwear
  •      Iron-on labels with your own graphics
Price: From $ 3.00
  •      Cotton
  •      Beautiful print
  •      Your design
Price: From $ 226.00
  •      An affordable way to cover a hole
  •      Beautiful decoration
  •      Easy to apply with an iron
Price: From $ 1.50
  •      Suitable for text and logo
  •      Design yourself
  •      Translate all colors
Price: From $ 8.00

Fabric labels for private and professional use

Regardless of whether you just need a few labels for your home-made creations or whether you need fabric labels for professional use, we have a wide selection. This includes a number of different woven labels and metallic, silicone and leather labels. 

Woven labels

Brand your textiles with woven labels. Our woven labels are typically used in the professional textile industry where the labels are attached to textiles either discretely or as a prominent part of the design. We produce your woven labels with your own design, and you choose the folding, size, colours and weaving. You can of course also get woven labels with your logo. You can have up to eight different colours in the woven band.   

Made by labels are for you who knit, sew or crochet for your family and friends. A Made by label adds the finishing touch to your needlework and makes it easy for the recipient to remember where the things come from. The labels come with many sweet texts, such as "Made by Grandma", "Made by me" or "Made with Love". You can easily add the beautiful labels to your creations and they come with both endfold and midfold. You can also use labels such as "Handmade" or "Homemade" if you add labels to needlework for selling. Made by labels can be purchased from only 1 piece, so you only have to buy the number you need. 

Customized labels

Labels with midfold are customised labels, allowing you to make beautiful labels with name. You choose the colours, font and icons. The only thing that is pre-determined is the size which is 30x15 mm. Midfolded labels are perfect for being sewn into the seam of clothes and other textiles. By choosing midfolded labels for clothes, you will get a stylish and professional label in your own design which brands your products professionally. You can also add care symbols.   

Design your own endfolded labels. When you choose endfolded labels for clothes, you choose the text, colour and fonts of your labels. The labels look good on knitted or crocheted textiles and other textiles where you want a visible label as a nice finish to your product. The size of the labels is 20x50 mm + 7 mm endfold. Add a personal touch to your needlework or range.    

Embroidered badges

Embroidered badges are among our most popular products. An embroidered badge can be used on workwear, bags, scout uniforms or clothes. There are endless possibilities of designing an embroidered badge, also with a logo, to give it the exact look you want.  Badges can be laser cut to give them a very precise shape. 

Is there a hole in the knee of the pants, or do you just want to decorate the clothes to create a cool look? Then iron-on patches are an affordable way to bring new life to the clothes. Iron-on patches for clothes can be used on jeans, snowsuits and t-shirts. The iron-on patches also make it easy to give the children a new favourite sweater by adding their favourite figures from Cars, Spiderman, Batman, Hello Kitty, Frozen or Inside Out.

Size and care labels

Do you need an easy and affordable way to add sizes to your creations or home-made clothes? We always have woven size labels of all standard sizes in stock in black and white. We will also be happy to custom-make size labels in your own design. The minimum order of size labels in stock is 10 pcs.   

When clothes are washed properly, it will look good much longer and it is also better for the environment. With care labels, you help the user. You can design your own care labels and have them printed, and you can choose your own care symbols or choose from our printed care labels in stock. If you choose our printed care labels in stock, your order will be sent on the same day (if you order before 14:00 Mon-Fri). When you design your own care labels, you can add your own personal touch to the care label.  

Leather, metallic and silicone labels 

If you want something out of the ordinary, the leather label is the perfect choice. Leather labels can be used for both clothes and furniture or as a hang tag. You choose whether your labels should be made from real leather or PU. You can order printed or engraved labels. 

Do you want a label that stands out? Then it might be worth considering metallic labels. Metal stickers can be made with embossed or debossed logo and print. You decide whether you want holes for attaching the labels or an adhesive back. Your metal labels are only produced according to your wishes, so you have every opportunity to have a product that perfectly matches your brand universe.  

Silicone labels are a versatile product with many different uses. We can make your silicone labels with glue on the back or with a stitch edge so that you can stitch your silicone labels to textiles. Silicone labels are used on clothes, furniture, Venetian blinds and doormats. Silicone labels can be made with printed, engraved or embossed logo. We can also produce labels in rubber. 

FAQ for Fabric Labels

What are labels?

A label is something that is put on another item to describe its contents. Labels can be made from paper, fabric, metal, silicone or take the form of stickers. Labels have many uses, such as for branding purposes, being used as price tags, ingredient lists or to provide additional information about various products. In this article, we will be focusing on clothing labels.

Fabric labels for clothes are often small textile labels that are sewn onto or into clothes. A lot of clothes have labels situated in the neck area or the waistband on pants. These types of fabric labels cannot be seen while the clothes are worn, but some clothes manufacturers have decided to put their fabric labels on the outside of the clothes so that they can be seen when the clothes are worn.

The purpose of such fabric labels is to show customers which brand has designed and manufactured the clothing. In addition, there may be fabric labels inside the clothes that provide information on the kind of textiles used and the country they are made in. This kind of information is often listed on what we call the laundry instructions.

What can fabric labels be used for?

Fabric labels are often used when you want to say something about clothes, purses, shoes, accessories, furniture items or when you want to brand club clothing, etc. Fabric labels can also be used to say something about the brand, for example by showing a logo or slogan. A lot of products also have laundry instructions or a size guide sewn into them.

Fabric labels are used on all sorts of things such as clothes, furniture item, curtains, purses, shoes, duvets, pillows, mattresses, electronics and household items.

You typically think of labels as being made from textiles, but there are also labels made from leather, metal and silicone to name just a few materials.

How do you use fabric labels?

Fabric labels are typically used to brand a product. For example, a company making clothes, shoes or purses will want to market their products using a certain brand. By putting a fabric label on the products, consumers will know where it comes from. If you have a strong brand, this also helps to promote the brand value.

A lot of football clubs, sports clubs, gymnastics associations, scout organisations and other associations also use fabric labels or badges to show characteristics or memberships. When using a fabric label with a logo or text on it, it becomes easy for others to know and recognise the logo.

How do you attach fabric labels to clothes?

The most common way of attaching fabric labels to clothes is to sew the label into the clothing (either inside or outside). Many people also sew fabric labels into the seam of the clothes. However, you can also get fabric labels that you can iron on to the clothes or fabric labels that use adhesives. It all depends both on the type of fabric label and how you want to attach it to the clothes.

Fabric labels come in many different shapes and with different qualities. One often talks about how the fabric label is folded. For example, fabric labels can use end folds, centre folds, Manhattan folds or come as heat-cut fabric labels where the labels have been cut using lasers and get a sharp edge without a fold.

Embroidered badges can either be sewn on to the clothes or ordered with a reverse side that can be ironed on to the clothes. In addition, there are also iron-on labels that are made from a plastic material that is then ironed directly on to the clothes and which is a somewhat cheaper option compared to the embroidered fabric labels.

How do I remove fabric labels from clothes?

If you would like to remove fabric labels from clothes, you should first and foremost know what kind of fabric label is attached. In this FAQ, we will start discussing fabric labels that are sewn on to clothes using sewing thread.

The best way of removing a sewn-on fabric label is to use a seam ripper. It may help to be able to get between the fabric and the label or to cut open on the inside of the clothing. Slowly put the seam ripper into the seam where the label is sewn on and let the blade do the work. Be careful to not pull on the string, as this can create holes in the fabric. Cut several of the seams open until you can loosen the fabric label. Once the fabric label is gone, you can carefully remove string remnants with your fingers.

If you do not have a seam ripper, you can also try to do it carefully with a small pointed scissor.
No matter which method you choose, take care not to make holes in the fabric. The laundry instructions can often be cut off along the seam.
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