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Iron-on labels with own logo

  • Iron-on name labels with own logo
  • Optional size
  • Upload your logo online
Delivered to you: 24-29 May
Delivery price: $5, FREE delivery over $20

Put your logo on textiles

If you need logos on your workwear, presents or other things, our iron-on labels with logo are an inexpensive, fast, and durable solution that you can easily iron on with a regular iron.

It is easy to upload your logo online - you can use our advanced designer for iron-on name labels.

When you order iron-on labels with your logo, you can easily mark workwear so that your logo is visible to your customers.

If you choose to put your name under your logo, you can personalise your iron-on label with logo even more for each employee.

For the labelling of children's clothes, we recommend our regular Iron-on name labelsthat can be designed with many different backgrounds and figures.
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See how you iron on the labels in this video.

How to design your iron-on name labels with own logo

Iron-on name labels with own logo are great when you want to put your company logo on clothing and other textiles.To create a iron-on label with logo, you have to find your company logo and store it on your computer, so you can upload it to this website.

The easiest solution: Upload your logo below figures or background. Give it a go to see a preview of your iron-on label with own logo before you order it. If you want more options for designing your iron-on label, you have to select "Iron-on name labels customised with your own design" above. Upload your logo under "images". Here you can move the logo and choose kiss-cut iron-on name labels. You can also choose the exact background colour you want. All you have to do is enter the hex code or select the colour. A kiss-cut iron-on label with own logo means that we cut the iron-on label very closely along the shape of your logo. So if your logo is a star, the iron-on label with logo will be shaped like a star.

You, of course, decide on the size of your iron-on label with own logo. If you need the labels in different sizes, you just add them to your basket and return to the page and order another size. When you have all your sizes and the number you need, you can pay your order. If, later on, you need to order more iron-on label with own logo, you can reorder them here with Label Yourself, so they will be exactly like the ones you ordered the first time.

Halloween costumes, funny drawings and lots more.
Even though we call this product "Iron-on labels with own logo", it does, of course, not have to be a logo that you upload. Iron-on labels with logo can be used in a number of different situations. If you have a bright idea, just give it a go.

Upload a drawing and create a personal iron-on label: instead of a logo, you can upload your own drawing. Be it a drawing that your children made or a professional illustration. We have seen some amazing creations, where children's drawings afterwards have been put on a sweater. Then the child has its own illustration on the sweater. That is so cool! Make sure that the drawing is done in bright colours and clearly scanned.

Create fun iron-on labels for the party: Going to a bachelor party, wedding, a big birthday party? Make a funny illustration or text to iron on to t-shirts. It could, for example, be the text "help, I'm getting married", or some other humorous and personalised text about the person being celebrated. You can also upload a photo and make an iron-on label with a photo instead of a logo.If you do not have a photo or an illustration, you can also design your iron-on label with own logo directly on the website. You have many choices of fonts, colours, symbols, images and beautiful patterns.

"Iron-on label with own logo" can also be used for Halloween costumes. See, for instance, the beautiful logo that has been put on a T-shirt, for "Atom Albert" [homemade Superhero name].The iron-on label has been ordered in different sizes, so it can be fitted on to headband, T-shirt and cape.

Iron-on labels with logo is an easy and durable solution

Label workwear to make your logo visible. The price of iron-on labels with logo is very low and the iron-on name labels quickly pay for themselves when clothes are returned that would otherwise have disappeared. It is also possible to put a name below each logo, making the clothes more personalised and letting the customers see the employee's name. If you want woven textile labels, take a look at our woven labels.


  • Iron-on labels with logo are easily ironed on and are suitable for washing at 60 degrees and for tumble drying.
  • Our iron-on labels with logo can be done in the colours, backgrounds and figures that you choose in the online designer.
  • The more characters, the smaller the text will be.
  • We produce exactly as you confirm on the website.
  • Iron-on name labels with logo are suitable for marking of all types of clothing, e.g., t-shirts, jackets, hats, gloves, jumpers, trousers, etc.
  • User friendly, soft quality which is gentle on the skin.
  • Our iron-on labels with your logo do not contain phthalates and PVC.
  • Tested and compliant with the Toy Safety Standard EN 71-3.
  • Instructions are included.
  • Our iron-on labels own logo do not rub off.
  • Bear in mind that the print may wear off if the iron-on label is in direct contact with oily creams, such as sunscreen.
  • If you get a new logo, you can neutralise the iron-on labels by ironing a new one (upside down) on top or steaming them off. t is not easy to steam them off as our iron-on labels are meant to last. They must be peeled off while they are hot.

Customer reviews:
David, Warrington

I will highly recommend this company. The labels arrived quickly and the quality of the print on the labels is excellent. As I had custom labels made I was concerned the images would be suitable, they were excellent !!! Thank you for a great service and ive just placed an order for more !!!!

Doris, stockholm

the order came a bit late but I must say that when I have contacted them to complain about the delay , the response was immediate and really nice and pleasant. And I am totally happy with my order and will definitely purchase again !


Hi Doris.
Many thanks for your comment :-) 
I am really happy you have had a pleasant experience dealing with our customer service. We are making an effort to have a great costumer service, so happy you are pleased. You are always welcome back :-) Best regards Jane

Mark, York, UK

Would thoroughly recommend. Have bought these labels on 2 occasions now, and am impressed with how easy they are to attach and also how resilient they are. We have not had any labels work loose, even those which we attached 3 years ago!!!

Mo, St. Peter, J..

Hello, I was initially concerned that the items I ordered might take a while to arrive, however, I was pleasantly surprised and the clothes stamp and the labels were both very effective. Thank you.

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