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Woven labels in your own design

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Woven labels for professional textile production

If you wish to brand your creations attractively and uniquely, our woven labels are a great solution.

You can have your own woven labels made exactly as you want. You decide the colours, measurements, design and folding, so they suit your products and successfully reach your target group. Use our label designer to design your own.

Design your own labels from 100 pieces labels for clothes midfolded or endfolded labels for clothes.

If the price is too much to start with, then from only $14.20 you can have 100 pcs. woven name labels produced. They are woven name labels with your own text and no logo. See more here woven name labels. If you are unsure about what to choose, you can order samples of woven labels.
SEND AN INQUIRY - receive a non-binding offer within 1-2 hours during business hours.
Item prices custom-made
100 pcs.$ 1.50
300 pcs.$ 0.70
500 pcs.$ 0.40
1000 pcs.$ 0.20

Start up expenses $25 per design (one-off payment)

Companies, associations and others, please note that all prices are excl. VAT.

Buy your professional woven labels from Label Yourself

Professional woven labels are essential for those of you who manufacture clothes on a commercial basis. Whether it be certain unique articles of clothing or a large collection. With a woven label on the clothes, it becomes much easier for your customers to recognise your brand and find you if they want to buy more.

When ordering woven labels, you have to send a design to us. We will then send the design to our production team who will then make alterations if needed, and we will then ask you to approve the alterations before we start producing your labels. This allows us to work together to determine if anything needs to be adjusted before we start making them.

How should your woven labels look?

Before contacting us, you may want to consider what type of labels you want to buy. You can have your woven labels produced with several different types of folds, such as a middle fold, an ending fold, a diagonal fold or a Manhattan fold. We can also produce your labels without folds. See an example of labels without folds here. How you want your woven labels to be of course also depends on what kind of look you want and where the label will be attached to the clothes.

Different labels can help create different looks. Some might prefer very large and clear woven labels in bright neon colours, while others want their label to be placed somewhere discrete - it all depends on how you want to brand your clothing and promote certain styles.

High-quality woven labels

Our woven labels are made from polyester. When we weave your woven labels in polyester, this results in a very durable label. At the same time, it allows you to add a lot of details to the label.

If you want labels from other materials, you should take a look at our cotton labels or the sustainable labels. These types of labels are with print, and therefore you will get a completely different style than with our woven labels. You will of course decide for yourself what the best fit is for your brand - and maybe you will want a mix of labels for different types of products.

Let us know how you want your labels to be made in terms of size, text, logo, colours, etc. Then we will work together to find a solution.

At Label Yourself, you can also buy hashtags and laundry labels so that your clothes look as good as possible before they are put on the market.

If you wish to brand your creations attractively and uniquely, our woven labels are a great solution.

You can have your own woven labels made exactly as you want. You decide the colours, measurements, design and folding, so they suit your products and successfully reach your target group.

We produce the woven labels in any Pantone C colours. Please see colours but note that a computer screen does not do full justice to the colours.

Below we have put together a standard offer for fabric labels. Different size, shape and colours are applicable in this offer. Your woven labels can of course be so large that they are not guaranteed the prices below. Let us know what you are looking for, and we will be very happy to help you.

Explore our full range of fabric labels.


  • Up to as many as 8 colours in the woven label
  • Especially made to suit your wishes
  • No standard sizes
  • Folded as you wish - please see above
  • Can be lasercut in any shape
  • Damask, taffeta and satin weaving, and they can be combined, if you require tone-on-tone, e.g. black on black
  • Option of high definition weaving, in which we use finer, and many more yarns to make even the smallest details possible.

Inspiration for your woven labels

There are woven labels in many of the clothes that are sold commercially, and in recent years, it has also become more popular to make one's own labels for both large and small creative projects. The woven labels are a kind of "business card", allowing the manufacturer or artist to show the user who has made the item. When ordering your woven labels from Label Yourself, you have ample opportunities to design your labels to match your brand.

When ordering labels, you can choose between several different kinds of weaves. The different kinds of weaves result in different styles that contribute to strengthening your brand.

Satin weaves provide the woven label with a blank and glossy surface.

Damask weaves are characterised by the fact that one can weave patterns into the woven label instead of printing the patterns on.

If you need a high degree of detail in your woven label, we recommend using "high definition" weaves. With this kind of weave, we use multiple threads in even finer quality.

Do you already have a completed design? If not, you may want to consider the following:
  • Do you want a high contrast between the back ground and text colour - or should the colours be similar?

  • Do you want the same label to be used in all of your creations/collections, or do you need different kinds of woven labels to match the clothes they will be sewn on to?

  • Do you want a frame around your text? The frame can be both a frame with a fully drawn line, a dotted line or just vertical or horizontal lines at the bottom or sides.

  • Do you want a pattern behind your text? It is easy to create the impression of multiple layers on a visual level by having a pattern on the woven label and text on top of the pattern.

  • How will your labels be sewn on? You should consider how you want your woven labels sewn on. You should also consider what materials they will be used with before you decide on what kind of fold you want.

  • You can have both logos and text woven into your label.

Customer reviews:
Lesley, Leicester

Excellent economical product - extremely pleased ! Really appreciated excellent communications on order and dispatch. Thank you - will order again from you.


Hi Lesley, and thank you for your comment!
Good to hear that you were pleased with the process. Please let us know, next time you need anything. We are ready at your service :) 
Best regards, Vera

Denise, Glasgow

Was delighted with the prompt, personal & courteous service. Have used other woven label suppliers over the past 18 years and would highly recommend you for quality and promptness. Kind Regards Denise.

sandra, norwich

absolutely delighted with my labels and delivered so very quickly - great value for money. Thank you so much team xxxx

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