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ID wristbands

ID Wristbands are ideal for children and others who need urgent help in situations where they have become lost or in case of illnesses such as diabetes or epilepsy. An ID wristband typically contains the telephone number of a contact person, information about illnesses or other conditions 

For children, the ID wristbands are particularly popular when the family goes on holiday, to shopping malls, amusement parks, etc. On infobands, you can write information yourself, and the wristband can be used again and again. ID wristbands for children are printed or woven wristbands which are comfortable to wear for several days. If you need a cheap solution, e.g. for children's birthday parties, then choose paper ID wristbands.

  •      Fast reunion
  •      Water resistant
  •      Cheap and reusable
Price: From $ 4.60
  •      Optimises sales
  •      Emphasises products
  •      Prof. sales display
Price: From $ 57.00
  •      In customer's own design
  •      Reusable ID wristband
  •      Keeps child safe
Price: From $ 416.00
  •      Find your child quickly
  •      Provides peace of mind
  •      Write with ordinary biro
Price: From $ 5.80
  •      Elastic material
  •      Adjustable
  •      Only the wristband
Price: From $ 3.25
  •      Just in case.
  •      Excellent quality.
  •      Lasts the entire holiday.
Price: From $ 20.60

Which ID wristband to choose?

The ID wristband is a smart and cheap solution for your child when you go on holiday or day trips. The type of ID wristbands you should choose depends on your family's needs.

In the following, you can read about the different types of ID wristbands which can also be used by adolescents and adults with special needs.

You can also get customized infobands for your climbing park, amusement park, theme park, zoo, etc. with your own logo. Read more about customized infobands.


Infobands are reusable ID wristbands. The infoband has a patented safety catch which ensures that children cannot open and close the wristband themselves. You write your name and phone number on the wristband yourself - use a biro or pen. Infobands are best suited for one-day trips or short holidays. We always have this type of wristband in stock, so we can ship them on the same day if you order before 14:00 on weekdays. Find the many great designs here ? e.g. the gorgeous Disney design with Princesses, Frozen, Cars or Aladdin.

ID wristbands for children

ID wristbands with printed name is a luxury solution for children to wear every day while you are on holiday. The text is printed directly on the wristband and will not be washed off in the pool ? and the wristband will dry quickly when you get out of the water. The wristband stays on the wrist and needs to be cut off when the holiday is over. You design your own wristbands. The wristband cannot be reused but can stay on the wrist for several weeks. Delivery time is 11-15 days, so you need to remember to order early if this is the solution you want.

Personal ID wristbands for children

Personal ID wristbands for children are woven wristbands. The wristband is made from soft Eco-Tex certified woven polyester. This type of wristband can stay on the wrist for several months. Delivery time for this type of ID wristband is 5-10 working days. You can choose between many colour combinations and fonts. You can choose a ?mixed? package with wristband in different colours.

Paper ID wristband

Paper ID wristbands are the cheapest ? and smartest solution if you need wristbands for many children, e.g. for the day care institution or birthday party. The wristband is made from the same wear-resistant material known from paper wristbands. This type of ID wristband cannot be reused, but it can easily stay on the wrist for a couple of days (and up to a week). When you have received the wristband, you write name, phone number, etc. on the wristband yourself. If you order before 14:00 on weekdays, we will ship on the same day. Paper wristbands come in packages of 5 or 10. You can get neutral white wristbands and wristbands in many different colours. 

Custom-made infoband

Customized infobands are for businesses and organisations who want to make sure that families feel safe in amusement parks, theme parks, climbing parks, zoos, etc. You can have infobands with your logo and in own design. Give them out as freebies or sell them.

Elastic wristband for GPS and help

Do you need a wristband to keep the GPS or the emergency button for disabled and elderly on the wrist? Then this elastic wristband for GPS is the perfect solution.


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