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Bottle labels

  • Bottle labels in your own design
  • Labels for wine, beer or juice
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Labels for bottles - for your homebrewed wine, beer, liquor.

Do you brew your own juice, beer, wine or liquor? Then make personal labels and give the bottles the a personal touch. The labels are in a nice, mat quality and the bottle labels are water resistant and are safe to store in the refrigerator.

You can choose to upload your own photo/design, and use them for a wedding, birthday parties etc. It gives the gathering a personal and fun touch, and why not use the bottles as a part of a personal decoration. You can choose to use some of our standard templates, or upload your own design. Whatever rocks your boat!

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Bottle labels are made from a thick, mat quality vinyl. They can sit on the bottles for a long time without wearing off. The labels are water resistant, but are NOT dishwasher safe. If you need labels that are dishwasher safe, then please use our stickers with logo.

By using bottle labels, it will be so much easier to tell the different liquids apart. If you want a list of ingredients on the bottles, you can make 2 labels, one for the front and one for the back with the ingredients.



  • Use our standard templates, or design your own bottle labels.
  • Please note, that transparent labels can only be printed with black text, no custom made design.
  • Put a personal bottle label on your homebrewed liquor, wine, beer or juice.
  • With a printed bottle label you give your homebrewed drinks the final personal touch.
  • Design your own bottle labels for your next party, and include a photo of the person of honour on the bottles.
  • Homebrewed wine with a personal label is a nice gift, that will be highly appreciated by the receiver.
  • Design your labels to match the content. For example, if you have made a berry juice, put a nice picture of berries on the label.
  • If you wish to sell your wine/beer, please remember to gather the necessary knowledge regarding legislation of labelling, so that he correct information is included on the label.
  • The bottle labels are easily removable, so that the bottles can be reused for next season.
  • Water resistant.

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