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RFID wristbands - Electronic access control and payment

With RFID wristbands, you don't just get electronic access control. The technology allows you to track your guests? comings and goings, let the guests pay with their RFID wristbands and open lockers in the changing rooms.

Precisely because there are so many options with the RFID-technology, your wristbands can of course be customised to perfectly suit your needs.

Choose between silicone wristbands, woven wristband with hard PVC slider, digitally printed wristbands or wristbands made from eco-friendly materials


  •      From only 100 pcs.
  •      Can be delivered with your design
  •      All chips
Price: From 185
  •      Sustainable solution
  •      Secure acces control
  •      RFID sliders in PET or wood.
Price: From 165.00
  •      Print or engraving
  •      Different types of wood
  •      Unique access card
Price: From 335.00
  •      Sustainable rPET wristbands
  •      Various frequencies
  •      Replace keys and cash
Price: From $ 224.00
  •      Easy access control
  •      Invisible RFID tag
  •      Comfortable to wear
Price: From $ 260.00
  •      Custom-made wristband
  •      Electronic access control
  •      Nice quality
Price: From $ 215
  •      Great looking RFID wristband
  •      Secure access control
  •      Can replace keys and cash
Price: From $ 260
  •      Hard PVC slider
  •      Wireless access
  •      Woven or printed wristband
Price: From $ 215
  •      Wireless access control
  •      Replacement for keys and cash
  •      Woven or printed wristband
Price: From $ 210
  •      Wireless access control
  •      Different frequencies available
  •      Silicon wriustband in your design
Price: From $ 235
  •      Can be used again and again
  •      Wristband with invisible RFID tag.
  •      Electronic access control
Price: From $ 220
  •      From 500 pcs.
  •      Wireless access control
  •      Wristbands in your design
Price: From $ 525
  •      Hygienic solution when handling food
  •      Can replace keys and cash
  •      Electronic control of employees
Price: From $ 260

We have a large selection of RFID wristbands. All of our wristbands can be customised to your specifications. You will get a customised product that is suited to your company’s precise requirements, down to the smallest detail. At Label Yourself, we provide RFID wristbands to everything from fitness centres, festivals, museums, swimming pools, holiday parks and much more throughout Europe. We are happy to discuss with you what kind of RFID wristband best matches your needs so that you get a solution that works exactly as intended and benefits both the employees, guests and customers. When choosing to buy RFID wristbands from Label Yourself, you will always get a high-quality solution customised for your system at competitive prices.

RFID wristbands for festivals, swimming pools or events

When ordering your RFID wristbands, it is a good idea to consider the following aspects: Should the wristband be a single-use item, for example, for a festival or do you need a wristband that can be reused? Reusable wristband are used in places such as swimming pools or fitness centres where the guests have their own personal wristbands or where guests return the wristbands when leaving the premises. It is easy to use RFID tags to keep track of who is allowed to attend the party, concert or any major event. You can send the wristband to the guest beforehand or issue it when the guest arrives. If you have a recurring event, you can ensure that the RFID tag is deactivated on a certain date. You can also choose wristbands that can be taken on and off. A personal wristband can be used to give different people access to certain areas such as VIP areas, a women only changing room or something else entirely.

RFID chips on the outside or inside of the wristband?

You also need to consider how you where you would like to place the chip. Should it be embedded in the wristband or be attached to the outside of the wristband where it is visible? When considering these issues, you also need to decide whether the wristband should be able to fit a child’s wrist or if it should be made from sustainable materials. Whether you select a hard or a soft PVC slider for your RFID chip is in the vast majority of cases just a matter of personal preference. Some would argue that the hard version is slightly more durable, while the soft one is easier to wear, but from a purely functional perspective it makes no difference which one you choose. If you want a wristband with the chip inside the wristband, then take a look at our silicone wristbands, wristband with RFID chips woven into them or the elastic RFID wristbands.

RFID chips and frequency to your specifications

There are several different systems that uses RFID wristbands and chips. It is therefore important that you know precisely which kind of chip you will need for your wristbands. If in doubt, please have a chat with our sales team. Which frequency your RFID wristbands need depends on the system that you use to read the wristbands. If you do not already have such a system, we are unfortunately not able to sell you one, but we are happy to refer you to our good business partners who do sell such systems. So if you are considering whether you want to start using RFID wristbands, please contact us and we will help you get started.

RFID wristbands or cards with RFID in your own designs

Would you like an RFID wristband with your corporate logo? A wristband in special colours or a particular design? You can design your wristband with an RFID or NFC tag almost exactly as you want it, though there are a few physical limitations in terms of size. You can get the wristband itself in durable PET, which is a woven wristband with a RFID tag woven into it or as a soft elastic wristband. Our RFID wristbands and tags come as both single-use versions and day-to-day use versions. You can also get cards and tags with RFID in a beautiful wood version - you can choose between bamboo and other kinds of wood. Our cheapest plastic cards with RFID technology can also be made in the exact kind of design that you want.

What do RFID wristbands cost?

The cheapest RFID wristbands cost around 0.50 $ each if you order large amounts. For smaller amounts, the unit price will be higher.

If in doubt - ask us!

Above, you can get an overview of all the different possibilities. If you have any doubts whatsoever about which wristband would be the perfect fit for you, please feel free to ask us. We have many years of experience and know which types of RFID wristbands can be customised to your specific needs. When ordering RFID wristbands, you should also keep in mind who your target group is. If there are many families with children in your target group, it might be a good idea to select wristband with a clicking lock. The clicking lock ensures that the wristband can neither be loosened or tightened once it is on the wrist and this is a popular option for holiday parks where the children need to feel comfortable wearing the wristbands.


FAQ for RFID wristbands

How does a wristband with an RFID chip work?

An RFID wristband can contain data and this can, for example, be used to give access, add money to the chip, carry personal data, etc.

This means that the wristband can be used as a form of payment and people therefore do not have to carry around their wallets or cash. This also allows the organiser to ensure that the money is all there, as employees will not be handling cash.

What can you use an RFID wristband for?

RFID technology is rapidly being used more and more in amusement parks, water parks and at festivals - and for good reason. With RFID wristbands, the guests feel more free while the organiser gets more security and more opportunities for additional sales.

Access control:
A wristband with RFID is a popular choice for access control. The RFID wristbands are used for access control it fitness centres, swimming pools, water parks, hotels and conference centres, amusement parks, festivals and summer camps. The RFID wristbands can be coded in advance so that the chip contains information on what the guests have access to. For example, if a guest bought 10 trips to the fitness centre or paid for three overnight stays at a hotel. Once the 10 trips have been used or the three days have passed, the chip will no longer give access when scanned.
There are different kinds of RFID scanners. Some are fixed in place and open doors or the like while other are handheld.

With an RFID wristband on their wrist, it is easy to scan the guests’ wristbands when they buy food, drinks and entrance fees. If you choose to use your RFID wristbands for payments as well, there are several options. One option is to associate a credit card with the wristband. In such cases, guests can “tank up” their wristbands with a single amount or choose to continually refill it with a certain amount.
When the event is over, you can refund the remaining money. You can also choose to code the wristband in advance to define whether a guest has prepaid for x amounts of drinks or meals.

Data collection and tracking:
The RFID technology also makes it possible to track customer behaviour or even find missing children using GPS technology.

At Label Yourself, we have many different kinds of RFID wristbands such as silicone wristbands, tyvek wristbands or woven wristbands.
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