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Cork bracelets with text and logo

  • Sustainable choice
  • Embossed text and logo
  • Exclusive look
Delivered to you: 18 July-22 August
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Sustainable cork wristbands for all kinds of events

Would you like a wristband that doesn't look like all the other ones? Then choose our beautiful cork wristbands. The cork wristbands have a simple and stylish look and can be used for a wide array of different events, particularly when seeking to create a sense of style and exclusivity.

Cork is a natural material, and is predicted to be the sustainable material of the future.
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Item price:
2000 pcs.$ 1.07

Start up expenses $95 per design (one-off payment)

Companies, businesses and others, please note that the above prices are excl. VAT.

Sustainable choice. Cork is a natural material and predictions are that it will be one of the most sustainable solutions in the future. The cork is carefully scraped off the tree, allowing the tree to grow new bark.

Cork is designated as Co2-negative. Which means that it absorbs more Co2 that it emits in the entire production process, even though it is transported from the Mediterranean region, where the cork oak grows.

We also have many other sustainable wristbands, such as cork and organic cotton.



  • Sustainable choice.
  • Cork is a natural material
  • Exclusive look.
  • Stands out from other access control bands in look and style.
  • Your logo and text are embossed on the wristband.
  • We can print in all Pantone C colours.

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