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Baby package with 10 name labels + 10 mini labels

  • Max. 1 package per newborn child
  • Your personal design
  • Write a phone number on the labels
Delivery time: 3 - 7 working days
Delivery price: $5, FREE delivery over $20

You will only pay for the shipping

Free baby package for new parents This makes it easy to get started on labelling your child's things. Name labels on clothes help both the child, the parents and the staff at nurseries, kindergartens, schools, etc.

The baby package includes the absolute favourite types of name labels used by families with children who want to add name labels to clothes. You will get 10 x name labels and 10 x mini stickers in the baby package. The name label and mini label are both great universal stickers that can attach to clothes, baby bottles, toys, lunchboxes and much more. They can be put on almost anything and they will not be damaged by either a washing machine or a dishwasher.

The difference between the two is only in the size.

Would you like to save on shipping? You can order the baby package with other items in order to reach the free shipping threshold.
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It is a good idea to write a phone number on the labels. Then others who do not know your child can easily get in touch with you if they have found your things. Please note that the mini label is a very small sticker, so do not write too much on it.

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Conditions for ordering the free baby package
Completely free for new parents. However, there will still need to be paid the shipping cost.

You can only order one baby package per child. The package is reserved for parents who have not tried the name label and mini labels before.

When ordering the baby package, you will also be consenting to us sending you emails about relevant products.


  • 10 x name labels that attach to both clothes and other items.
  • 10 x mini labels for the small items - same high quality as the name labels, just smaller.
  • Can be put in the washing machine and dishwasher.
  • Free baby package.
  • The labels are free, you just need to pay for the shipping or other products you buy.
  • We are happy to give free products to the little ones, but we would appreciate it if you only order the free products for a newborn baby

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