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Personal ID Wristband for Children

  • Print the name and phone number directly on the wristband
  • Reunite quickly with your child
  • Comfortable to wear.
Delivery time: 11 - 15 working days
Delivery price: $5, FREE delivery over $20

Printed ID wristbands for children

Deluxe wristband for your child, which is comfortable to wear for several days.

Use this wristband when you are on holiday and rest assured that you and your child will be reunited quickly, should your child get lost. Because name and phone number are printed directly on to the wristband there is no reason for you to worry about the information being washed away in the shower or pool. The wristband is made from a luxury satin material which dries off quickly and does not harm the wrist.

The wristband has a snaplock which does not open once locked, and you do not have to remember to put it on your childs wrist every morning. The pack includes 3/5 wristbands and each one can be used, easily for a couple of weeks.

When the holiday is over or the wristband is worn out, just cut the wristband with a pair of scissors.

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With our online designer it is easy to design your wristband in your childs favourite colour, and why not include a dinosaur or a heart so your child think it looks cool and wears it with pride.
You decide the text you want on the wristband.
If necessary add allergies or illnesses.



  • Exclusive and safe with your own design
  • 20 different base colours
  • Suitable for children from approximately 2 years of age
  • Are you in a hurry? Order our ID wristbands for kids, which can be shipped today.

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