Ecudoe lanyards with 3D effect

Ecudoe lanyards with 3D effect

  • 2D or 3D effects
  • Revolutionary product
  • Capture attention
Delivery time: 11 - 15 working days
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Price: From £ 1.290.00

A cool way to expose your brand and logo

If you want spectacular lanyards,so people will really notice your logo or image, this is one of our most revolutionary lanyards.

Ecudoe lanyards can be made with 2D or 3D PVC figures sewn into the lanyards.

This gives a super cool, eye-catching effect, and you will really get exposure for your money.

Item price :
500 pcs.£ 2.58
1000 pcs.£ 1.82
2500 pcs.£ 1.32
Start-up expenses £50 per design (one-off payment)

Companies, associations and others, please note that all prices are excl. VAT.

Facts about ecudoe lanyards with 3d effect

  • Ecudoe lanyards make it possible to sew in 2D or 3D effects in the lanyards
  • A revolutionary product, which creates attention
  • E.g. sew in a figure or your company logo
  • Standard measurements: 20 x 900 mm, but we can make them with the measurements you require

Ecudoe lanyards can be made with 2D or 3D PVC figures sewn into the lanyards. This is a revolutionary product, which really attracts attention.

We make the Ecudoe lanyards from scratch and can therefore make them exactly as you want. You decide the width of the band, the colour of the keyhanger, the print and the accessories, such as buckle, snap hook, plastic pocket, mobile string etc.

You can also get the lanyards with a safety pin in the neck, to prevent choking. This is a good idea, if the Ecudoe lanyards are to be used by children or when working with machines etc.

The price example is with 3D.

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